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Mulberry Tree Hand Turned Candle Holder
Mulberry Tree Hand Turned Candle Holder
Mulberry Tree Hand Turned Candle Holder

Mulberry Tree Hand Turned Candle Holder



This candleholder has been hand crafted from the wood of the mulberry tree that stood in Preacher's Court for many years. It was hand-turned by professional wood turner, Colin Seabrook, and is being sold to the public to raise much needed funds for the Charterhouse charity in these challenging Covid 19 times. Thank you for your support. We hope you will enjoy this candleholder for decades to come.

Care instructions: The timber from the Charterhouse cherry tree has been dried by a natural multi step process modified to suit the species of the wood, type and size of the log and the season it was cut. This process can take from four months to four years. Each holder is unique and has been crafted to show the natural beauty of the cherry wood without the use of stains or dyes. The holders are best kept away from heat sources so that the timber can relax and become at one with the room atmosphere. Keep your holder dry and clean gently with a soft duster.

Colin’s work is inspired particularly by the beauty and grandeur of English Woodland and Garden Trees. It is his aim to release the inner beauty of the ‘Wood from the Trees’ for all to enjoy. He believes that this is most comprehensively shown in the wood bowl form. It is not only the colours and patterns of nature’s Structure; but also the texture, weight, warmth and perhaps spirit of the wood which can all be shown in one piece of his work. Colin’s interest in trees began during his Pharmacy and Botanical studies at University. He researched the medicine extracts found in trees and how they could be used in treatments. His work begins with fresh logs obtained from conservation arborist work or from fallen trees. The process of making a bowl then takes from four months to four years to complete. This involves seeking to understand the particular wood, stabilising it and creating a shape which shows its features. Colin always likes to know the provenance of the wood and feels that the environment of its origin adds an extra component to his completed pieces. A wood bowl is a lasting memory of a tree and its place in the history of the landscape.

Colin Seabrook RPT